ICSE Class 10 Semester 1 exams: How to solve Math problems efficiently in MCQ-based tests

With little time left for ICSE Semester 1 Maths exam, it is important to review the syllabus thoroughly and write all the formulae down in a place where they can revise them regularly.
icse maths semester 1 exam

On December 6, CISCE will conduct the ICSE Class 10 Semester – 1 Maths board exam. There will be multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the paper, so it is important that you understand how to solve the problems within the time limit.

Multiple-choice questions do not mean it will be easier to select the right answer from four options. The format should be taken seriously because the mathematics problems here are similar to those in subjective papers; the only difference is that the examiner may not want to check each step you take to reach the answer. 

The following tips can be helpful for students when preparing for upcoming ICSE Maths Semester 1 exam:

A thorough understanding of formulas

It is important that students learn the various formulae given in the book. The right application of these formulae in the problem has to be identified within a matter of seconds. This method requires a great deal of practice throughout the academic session. 

There is a short time left for semester 1, so it is important that the student revises the syllabus thoroughly and notes down all the formulae in a place that they can access regularly until the day of exam. Although by-hearting (or memorising) methods are discouraged, there are many Math problems that can be solved quickly by students who know the formulae well, saving them the time spent on deriving the formula.

Solve the online mock tests and self-assessment sample papers

There is always a specific way to approach a mathematics problem, and recognising which method to use is the most difficult part. Nevertheless, students can overcome the difficulty by solving self-assessment papers available on icsemockexam.com or practice from any book by a reputed publisher.

Start Online Test: ICSE Maths MCQs | Online Mock Test (5 Question Papers)

It is also recommended to set the timer while solving the sample papers. MCQs have a time limit of about two minutes per question. It is important to finish all questions within the time limit so that you have plenty of time for reviewing your answers in the Question Paper-cum-Answer booklet.

Solve the easy ones

To crack MCQs effectively, plan your time wisely. A few questions may be straightforward, and students might only need to spend a few seconds figuring them out. Students should identify these questions during their reading time. Therefore, the time saved can be used for questions that require more time to solve.

Use less space to solve

Unlike subjective papers, where students are generally given enough space to solve questions, MCQ-based exams provide only one rough work sheet for the student to work on. Students should make it a habit while practicing at home to use small fonts to answer questions. 

To practice at home, each student should take a sheet of paper and answer 40 questions. The exercise is necessary because solving it in a limited space can cause the sheet to become messy and can interfere with concentration.

Beware of confusing answers

When it comes to mathematics multiple-choice questions, the answers in the question sheets are nearly identical. During a test, a student must be confident about his answer and should not get confused by other options available. It is important that they mark their answers carefully.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to solving mathematics; ask your teachers for advice instead of seeking shortcuts. If you solve more problems, you can derive more specific formulae to answer questions.

All the very best!

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